Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Winter Home Perfect for Painting.

I just moved into a little cottage on Mayne Island for the winter. I am currently building a cob house on the island and have been living in a trailer on site. My new space is perfect for keeping warm over the winter and allows me lots of space to paint and create.

In my first few weeks there I have been organizing myself and have done a few paintings.
This one is called 'No Doubts'.  It is an acrylic on canvas and is 12"x12".  I am having fun with fluid lines and blending colours.

Welcome to my Art Blog

I have created this blog to share my art work and process with you.
Most of my adult life has been involved with family, working with children as a teacher and performer and in the music biz, as a performer and promoter with my own indie record label.

For several years painting has taken over as my main creative practice. And when I say "taken over" that can be taken quite literally.

It is such a pleasurable and deep process. There is nothing quite like working with paint and seeing where the colours and textures can take you.

I have enjoyed art throughout my life, and remember devoting many hours to drawing as a child. Getting books out of the library on anatomy and portraits drawing. :-)

So here I am with a new blog and I look forward to sharing my art, my works in progress and completed and all the exciting new techniques and directions that take me into new and unchartered territory.