Monday, August 12, 2019

Pam Carr : Artists Runway Walk at ArtVancouver 2019

In April I had the honour of sharing my art at ArtVancouver 2019.  What an amazing event. One of the events that occur during the opening night of ArtVancouver, is an Art Walk introducing some of the artists exhibiting at the show. I was thrilled to be one of those selected and was happy to share my heart shaped painting called "Unity Through Heart".

Friday, March 15, 2019

Mark Making

Just over a month ago I was writing up a grant proposal. I was inspired by some research I did on the subject of mark making. I had noticed a lot of artists on Instagram mentioning mark making and I was curious what was going on. Every time you put pen to paper or a brush to the canvas you are in fact making marks, so I was intrigued by the way it was being to referred to in this special way.

My research led me to fascinating information about the Les Automatistes,  a group from Quebec founded in the 1940's  by Paul-Émile Borduas. I explored the concept of automatic drawing which is "(distinguished from drawn expression of mediums) {and}was developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious. In automatic drawing, the hand is allowed to move "randomly" across the paper." This reminded me of Hilma af Klimp and her work, which I had seen in a documentary.
The information that really excited me as a life long educator was something I found in an online lesson on mark making written by Edward Burke. In his lecture notes on Direct Mark Making By Hand he wrote “each of us already has a unique set of marks and gestures that are innate, in muscle memory and should be embraced and expanded upon.”

I decided to get a new sketchbook and embrace and expand upon my personal mark making. I also want to explore using different tools for mark making so I picked up some charcoal sticks and oil pastelles as well as some acrylic inks.

I've usually done traditional drawing in my previous sketch books. This one is a multi media paper so I can paint in it too. I plan to document some of my mark making here on my blog, so look out for some in future posts.

One of my first explorations using charcoal sticks. Soft and light pressure and different thicknesses of line. Also some smudging. It is fun to use curved and straight lines as well.

I also bought myself a beautiful ink brush and just love using it to make spontaneous marks. The trick is to not think and pre-plan what you want to do. It is letting go of control and just going with the flow of the paint, tapping into that personal muscle memory.
I shot I few videos of my first experiments with the brush and some watered down black acrylic paint.

These are the results of the first work one some papers torn from a larger sketch book that was nearly full. 
 After working on the loose pieces of larger paper I did one in my sketch book to have a record of this first exploration. I want to document my journey into all aspects of mark making.

 After doing these simple paintings which I love, I decided to try some other mark making with self created tools. I cut some notches into a piece of card and intuitively moved the paint with it.

This type of mark making creates a dynamic and high energy piece.
I have been working on a very large painting on an unstretched canvas on the wall. It has gone through several layers and I am happy with what is unfolding. I wanted to create a brush like base to the abstract mountain/rock formation. I suddenly had an inspiration to use some of the fallen cedar and pine boughs that came down in the wind storms we have had recently here on the island. I used these as brushes for making marks on the painting by dipping them into the paint and hitting them against the canvas on the wall. 
Cedar and pine bough brushes.
The marks made by the bough brushes.
 This painting is still a work in progress as I am scraping more layers of paint off the top section and have more painting to do along the bottom section. Once it is done I will be stretching it onto a frame. It is 48"x 72"

Thanks for joining me in this journey. Any comments are really welcome.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Building A Dream" Solo Show featuring the art of Pam Carr

On January 26 and 27th 2019 I had my "Building A Dream" solo show.  It was at the Community Centre on Mayne Island, BC.

I had a lot of help setting up from my friend Jennifer.  The show was hung during the afternoon on the Saturday. We also had to prepare all the refreshments for the reception so it was a busy day.

This was my first exhibition showing my large abstract works and it was a great opportunity to see how they would be received. I also included some of my fluid art paintings and my resin paintings, so there was lots of variety in mediums and styles.

Saturday night was the reception which was quiet but perfect. We got to have great conversations and discuss my art with those in attendance.

Sitting with the first comers to the reception.

There is a great hanging system in place at the hall so it is perfect for art shows.

Looking down to the fluid and resin art on the back wall.
My large 30"x40" abstract pieces fit perfectly.
Here is "Where Are You Now" alongside some fluid paintings I did for the Shavasana show in 2017.

Two new 24"x36" abstracts grouped with a 20" round fluid art piece and a round resin painting below.

It was a happy day.
 Sunday was very busy and unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the visitors. I was so busy talking to everyone. It was beyond my expectations and the feedback was amazing. I am so grateful to the art lovers on Mayne Island for coming out to my show. Also a big thank you to those who purchased art and my art clocks.
Black and White Abstract in the second room.

These 12"x16" palette knife paintings were a splash of colour.

My Building A Dream Series is really growing. These are numbers 6 and 7.

My 30"x30" "Psychedelic Sea #2" is so alive and vibrant. It is 30"x30".

"Peeking Through #3" The first of this series is in Los Angeles at Enchanted Studio Props Gallery.

This was the most popular painting in the show.  "Where are you Now?" 36"x36"
"Red Field on a Fine Day" 30"x 40",

"Soothe My Soul" 30"x 40"

"Morning Mourning" 36"x 36"

"Golden Sky" 30"x 40"

I also had my fluid art there as well as my resin art.
Shiny bright resin art and some works on paper.

My small fluid art and art clocks.
We were so lucky with the weather and the sun came out. 

Reflecting back on this day I have to say the biggest gift was the amazing discussions I had with fellow artists and art lovers about my work and art in general.  I was able to see my work through new eyes and discover how different people take different things away from the work.  For the first time I had an opportunity to find words to describe what I do and why.  When you work alone in your studio these things just happen. Having to actually describe the process and realize the intentions that go into the creation of a painting, the skills, techniques and emotions that come together to create something visual, was an enlightening experience for me. 

My next show is April 25-28 2019. I will be exhibiting my work at Art Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  This will be my first International Art Fair and I am very excited. If you would like free tickets for the opening, please feel free to message me at

Thanks so much for coming along with me on a tour of my Building A Dream Solo Show. It was a great day.  For more information about my art and my 2019 shows, as well as links to my shops please visit my website, Pam Carr Art

Monday, March 4, 2019

High Energy at the RAW Artists Show at Celebrities.

January 13th I loaded up my car and drove into Vancouver with my friend and fellow artist Diane Speirs. I am so grateful for her help in loading my art into Celebrities night club and her assistance as I hung my display. This was the first night of the two day RAW Artists multi disciplinary arts event, the REFLECT Show.  Excitement was in the air.

I was all prepared with clamp lights and lots of electrical power bars and extensions. It was a buzzing hive of activity, with so many amazing artists setting up their displays and musician sound checks going on in the background.

As Celebrities is a night club the lighting was not the best for art, but the energy of so many artists, and later, of all the art lovers pouring over your work, made up for the lack of light.

Once the paintings were hung we had time to wander round and check out the other artists there.

Gorgeous illustrations from Mariko Ando

Great art display from East Van Artist.

At 5:00 the doors opened and the people poured in.

There was live music, followed by runway fashion shows and make up and hair demonstrations.

Make up model Amy Oak
 The atmosphere was electric. The stage set up was impressive and perfect for both the music performers and the fashion shows.

Great dance performance by Academy of Middle East Dance.

This was in the West End of Vancouver and the audience in attendance was an eclectic mix and the love for creativity and art of all disciplines was definitely something everyone had in common.

I had a small table and one of the pedestal stands from the club that were perfect for displaying my art clocks and small works. I also had my business cards available alongside my email list sign up sheet. 

I brought my art clocks along and there was so much interest in them. They are all original art on recycled vinyl records. Photo by Mike Wu

This event was all about making connections with art lovers and collectors. So many people took cards and signed up for my email list. Photo by Drew Fonda.

It was a great opportunity to share some of my small abstract resin art. These are 4'x4' and 6"x6".Photo by Mike Wu.

I matted some 5"x7" abstract and fluid art pieces that were on paper and put them into cellephane envelopes so people could browse through and see what small works I had available that were ready to frame. Thanks to Christie Rose who took one home. :-) Sales are always a good thing. :-)

There were fluid art pours and dips as well as textured abstract art already matted and ready for the frame. Photo by Drew Fonda.

The 36"x12" resin painting "Fire and Ice" was an attention grabber. So many comments on it. Photo by Drew Fonda.

"Lacing on Red" 12"x12" is another multi layered resin painting that inspired much conversation. Photo by Drew Fonda.

Talking to one of the many art lovers who had questions about my process. Photo by Mike Wu.

So happy to have the chance to experience this great event  and share my art. Photo by Drew Fonda.

Resin art was new to many in attendance. Photo by Mike Wu.

"Psychedelic Sea" and "Sushi for Blade Runner" are two new resin art paintings. 12"x12" Photo by Mike Wu.
I have to say the best part of the evening was meeting so many people who were captivated and interested in my art. People curious about the process, people who might go home and start making their own art. This was so inspiring for me. Probably the fact I have been an educator all my life  made this such a special part of the evening for me. The enthusiasm and excitement around the creative process was wonderful. Meeting and talking with other artists feeds the flame.

This event was a great way to share my art and spread the word. I made great contacts for getting my work in films and also had inquiries for commissions. And I also had a fabulous time witnessing the dynamic and unique fashion shows and soaking up all the creative energy from fellow artists and art lovers.
This event was so well organized and ran so smoothly. There were two professional photographers there to capture the event.  So a big thank you to RAW Artists for this multi disciplinary arts event.