Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Building A Dream" Solo Show featuring the art of Pam Carr

On January 26 and 27th 2019 I had my "Building A Dream" solo show.  It was at the Community Centre on Mayne Island, BC.

I had a lot of help setting up from my friend Jennifer.  The show was hung during the afternoon on the Saturday. We also had to prepare all the refreshments for the reception so it was a busy day.

This was my first exhibition showing my large abstract works and it was a great opportunity to see how they would be received. I also included some of my fluid art paintings and my resin paintings, so there was lots of variety in mediums and styles.

Saturday night was the reception which was quiet but perfect. We got to have great conversations and discuss my art with those in attendance.

Sitting with the first comers to the reception.

There is a great hanging system in place at the hall so it is perfect for art shows.

Looking down to the fluid and resin art on the back wall.
My large 30"x40" abstract pieces fit perfectly.
Here is "Where Are You Now" alongside some fluid paintings I did for the Shavasana show in 2017.

Two new 24"x36" abstracts grouped with a 20" round fluid art piece and a round resin painting below.

It was a happy day.
 Sunday was very busy and unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the visitors. I was so busy talking to everyone. It was beyond my expectations and the feedback was amazing. I am so grateful to the art lovers on Mayne Island for coming out to my show. Also a big thank you to those who purchased art and my art clocks.
Black and White Abstract in the second room.

These 12"x16" palette knife paintings were a splash of colour.

My Building A Dream Series is really growing. These are numbers 6 and 7.

My 30"x30" "Psychedelic Sea #2" is so alive and vibrant. It is 30"x30".

"Peeking Through #3" The first of this series is in Los Angeles at Enchanted Studio Props Gallery.

This was the most popular painting in the show.  "Where are you Now?" 36"x36"
"Red Field on a Fine Day" 30"x 40",

"Soothe My Soul" 30"x 40"

"Morning Mourning" 36"x 36"

"Golden Sky" 30"x 40"

I also had my fluid art there as well as my resin art.
Shiny bright resin art and some works on paper.

My small fluid art and art clocks.
We were so lucky with the weather and the sun came out. 

Reflecting back on this day I have to say the biggest gift was the amazing discussions I had with fellow artists and art lovers about my work and art in general.  I was able to see my work through new eyes and discover how different people take different things away from the work.  For the first time I had an opportunity to find words to describe what I do and why.  When you work alone in your studio these things just happen. Having to actually describe the process and realize the intentions that go into the creation of a painting, the skills, techniques and emotions that come together to create something visual, was an enlightening experience for me. 

My next show is April 25-28 2019. I will be exhibiting my work at Art Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  This will be my first International Art Fair and I am very excited. If you would like free tickets for the opening, please feel free to message me at

Thanks so much for coming along with me on a tour of my Building A Dream Solo Show. It was a great day.  For more information about my art and my 2019 shows, as well as links to my shops please visit my website, Pam Carr Art

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