Thursday, February 25, 2016

City of Gold

City of Gold.
Acrylic on canvas
The sides are painted so this is ready to hang and does not need framing.
Available at SaatchiArt.

I painted this painting while subletting a house with a studio on Salt Spring Island. It is one of the Southern Gulf Islands here in British Columbia. It was a peaceful month of retreat and my time was my own.

It was great to have the space to create larger works. This is one of the first ones I did there. I enjoyed exploring texture with tools for scaping and moving the paint. I also used printing and splashing techniques as the piece took on a life of its own.  It turned out to have so much energy and to reflect and communicate the feel of the city.

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year to Explore, Create and Grow

I love the beginning of a new year. Between Christmas and New Years I always try to write out some goals or dreams and visualize them manifesting. This has been a powerful tool for me as my life has unfolded.
This year I was a little low on energy due to losses in the family and how that affects us all during these times of family celebrations.
As I was scrolling down the facebook feed for my Pam Carr Art page on facebook yesterday I happened upon a post from Art Biz Coach about setting goals for the new year. This link is here for the post on her artblog. I also signed up for her free video session on Ecstatic Encounters.
Well it was just what I needed and it got the juices flowing.
Just from sitting down with some paper and a pen I joined the Community Arts Council of Great Victoria, applied to exhibit in two galleries and researched other places seeking submissions from artists.
I also created a check list to try and keep track of my social media sharing so I do it more effecively.
Another job that had been on my to do list was to create a list of all my works so I can track where they have been shown, shared and sold. I find it tricky to remember all the names for my paintings so this is a good place to nail that down for quick reference.

So one of the things I have committed to doing in 2016 is posting one blog post a week. Minimum.
This morning I have been creating bitly links for my listings. By creating my check list I am released from having to do them all at once in case I miss something. Now I can do them a few at a time and know just which ones are finished and what is left to be done.

Clearing up this kind of paperwork really frees your mind up and allows the creativity to flow more easily, and the direct result has been that I have been painting this morning. Something I haven't done since I arrived in Mission for Christmas festivities on Dec. 18th.

The painting I am sharing on my blog today is one of my favourite new big works."Where Are You Now?"
It is available on saatchiart and you can see the listing here
Where Are You Now?  36"x36"x1.5" 

I hope all the artists and art lovers out there have big hopes and dreams and that you enjoy the journey as your life unfolds before you. Happy New Year. :-)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Winter Home Perfect for Painting.

I just moved into a little cottage on Mayne Island for the winter. I am currently building a cob house on the island and have been living in a trailer on site. My new space is perfect for keeping warm over the winter and allows me lots of space to paint and create.

In my first few weeks there I have been organizing myself and have done a few paintings.
This one is called 'No Doubts'.  It is an acrylic on canvas and is 12"x12".  I am having fun with fluid lines and blending colours.

Welcome to my Art Blog

I have created this blog to share my art work and process with you.
Most of my adult life has been involved with family, working with children as a teacher and performer and in the music biz, as a performer and promoter with my own indie record label.

For several years painting has taken over as my main creative practice. And when I say "taken over" that can be taken quite literally.

It is such a pleasurable and deep process. There is nothing quite like working with paint and seeing where the colours and textures can take you.

I have enjoyed art throughout my life, and remember devoting many hours to drawing as a child. Getting books out of the library on anatomy and portraits drawing. :-)

So here I am with a new blog and I look forward to sharing my art, my works in progress and completed and all the exciting new techniques and directions that take me into new and unchartered territory.